3 Tools You Need To Protect Your Dog If They Go Missing

No one ever expects their beloved canine to run away or go missing, but it happens everyday to heartbroken families everywhere. If you are lucky, your dog will return on its own or be found by a neighbor if they ever go missing, but you don't want to take that chance. Here are 3 tools you need to protect your dog so, if they do run off or somehow lose their way home, you can keep them safe from afar. Read More 

Benefits in Spacing Out Your Dog’s Vaccinations

When your dog was a puppy, you got them all their basic shots to boost their immunity and give them a healthy shot at life. Rabies, parvo, and de-worming vaccinations are all common shots puppies receive when they are young, and some of them are continued on a regular basis throughout adulthood. Spacing out your dog's shots over time can prove to be very beneficial in many ways even if you have been giving your canine regular yearly shots in the past. Read More