3 Tools You Need To Protect Your Dog If They Go Missing

No one ever expects their beloved canine to run away or go missing, but it happens everyday to heartbroken families everywhere. If you are lucky, your dog will return on its own or be found by a neighbor if they ever go missing, but you don't want to take that chance. Here are 3 tools you need to protect your dog so, if they do run off or somehow lose their way home, you can keep them safe from afar.

ID tag

An ID tag should have your dog's name on it and your most frequently used phone number. Your name can also be placed on the collar so if someone finds them they will know who they are calling. You can visit a pet supply store to have a custom dog ID tag engraved for you that gets placed on your dog's collar. A city tag is not the same as an ID tag, although you will want to have both to help your dog find their way home if they get picked up by the pound.

Reflective accessories

Always keep a collar or harness on your dog with their ID tags and city tags on them, even if your dog never leaves your sight. Go a step further and invest in a reflective harness or collar that glows at night and shines headlights and flashlights back at people. This allows you to see your pet at night and keeps them safe should they go missing and be wandering on a roadway somewhere. Since millions of pets are found dead on highways every year, this simple investment can really help keep your dog safe from road dangers when they are walking with you and when they are away from you.


A microchip is a permanent tiny fixture placed under your dog's skin. This chip holds much of the same information as a custom ID does. If someone were to find your dog and take them to the local shelter or veterinary hospital, they would be scanned with a special device designed to pick up the microchip and read its contents. Make sure to use a permanent contact phone number since the microchip will not be removed once it is placed. This is a great option for you if your dog is wily enough to slip out of their collar or if they are somehow always losing their tags and makes a great additional resource for finding their way home.