3 Reasons to Use a Dog Boarding Facility While on Vacation

 Are you currently making plans for a holiday vacation? Have you decided what to do about your dog while you're gone? If you're like many people, you're probably thinking about asking a friend or a relative to watch your canine companion while you're away. While this can work in a pinch, it is not necessarily the best option. Instead, you should consider looking for a facility to board your dog. There are a number of advantages to taking this route, some of which include:

More knowledge: If your dog gets sick while you're away, you simply have to take it on faith that a dog sitter will know what to do or will even try to do anything. In contrast, a professional dog boarding facility has plans and rules in place for animals that get sick, whether it's just an upset tummy or something more serious. The workers will also have personal training on how to deal with unwell animals. Rather than having to hope that your sitter will be able to guess what he or she should be doing to help your furry friend, your pet will be in the well-trained hands of a professional. 

Safety: A dog that is a jumper or a runner can be especially problematic to leave with a friend or a relative. You may be used to your canine companion's idiosyncrasies, but that doesn't mean a friend or a relative will be. They may let your dog outside to do its business in a fenced yard and forget that the dog needs to be watched the whole time or else it will jump over the fence and run off. Or they may take your dog out for a walk and get the leash pulled out of their hands as your dog suddenly tries to run away. At a dog boarding facility, dogs are allowed to do their business in escape-proof locations. Any walks will be performed by workers who know how to handle runners and pullers so that your dog will be as safe as possible.

Better accountability: When using a friend or a relative to dog-sit, you have no way of knowing whether or not they will actually treat your pet well, at least not until you get back. They may seem like genuinely nice people, but they may simply forget to visit your pet as often as they should. If they should get sick or injured while you're away, there may be nobody left to care for your dog at all. Fortunately, dog boarding facilities have multiple employees. If one of those employees is unwell, there are others to take their place. If they don't do their job, they're fired. This helps to ensure that all of the dogs at the facility get the best possible care.

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