5 Tips For Creating A Loving Memorial After Loss Of A Pet

Pets are part of the family, so it is never easy to lose them. Pets are so devoted to their humans, and this can make the loss feel even more profound. In order to pay tribute to your beloved pet, it makes sense that you might want to create a loving memorial to honor him or her. These tips will help you create a memorial that pays tribute to your beloved pet, even after he or she is gone.

1. Hold a Small Event

It's not out of the realm of possibility that you could host a small memorial service, even at your house or at a pet cemetery, where everybody shares memories of your beloved pet. You can share photos or socialize over a meal, all to honor your dog or cat you love so dearly. This is also beneficial for children still learning about the concept of loss. In fact, they can participate by writing letters or drawing pictures too.

2. Purchase a Headstone

It's also possible to purchase a headstone, even if you do not have an actual grave for your pet. You can place the stone at a pet cemetery or in your yard as a place to go to remember your furry friend. If a headstone is not in the cards for your family, you might instead consider planting a tree or favorite plants in honor of your loved one.

3. Donate Your Time

One great way to honor Fido or Fluffy is to donate time or money to your local animal shelter. Even if you are not ready for a new pet just yet, you can spend time with animals and provide a nurturing touch that will help them find homes of their own. If you don't have the time, you can also donate money to help care for animals in need. Many animal shelters will also accept donations in the form of kitty litter or blankets and towels to keep animals warm in the winter.

4. Consider the Local Dog Park

Is there a dog park nearby that Fido used to love? You may consider donating your time to keep the park clean or to donate money to the park for additional upkeep. Either way, your dog's memory will serve to help others. 

5. Purchase an Art Piece

Did you know that there are websites where you can pay for a customized portrait of your pet? You can send in photos to have your pet's likeness displayed on your walls.

There are so many ways to memorialize your dog, and many ways can be beneficial for those beyond your family. Paying tribute to your pet in this way allows all to benefit from his or her memory.