3 Tips For Helping Your Cat Lose Weight

Even though you might love your tubby little four-legged friend, it's important to ensure that your cat maintains a healthy weight. If your cat is overweight or obese, it could be more prone to various health issues. Luckily, if your cat is carrying around a few extra pounds, there are a few steps that you can take to help it lose weight.

1. See Your Vet

If you haven't taken your cat to the vet lately, now might be the time to make an appointment. Your vet can give your cat a physical examination and can try to determine if there are any underlying health-related reasons why your cat might be gaining weight, such as parasites or pregnancy. Then, he or she can give you some insight about how to help your cat lose weight. Plus, this is a good time to check on your cat's overall health and to ensure that it is up to date on all of its shots.

2. Focus on What Your Cat Is Eating

Some cat foods are more nutritionally dense than others. If your cat is eating a cheap type of cat food, for example, the food might be filled with "fillers" that can cause your cat to gain weight but that might not provide all of the nutrients that your feline friend really needs. Your pet can provide you with advice about the best type of cat food for your cat's age, activity level and weight. Along with being careful about what you feed your cat, you should also focus on portion control. Measuring your cat's food and feeding it a couple of times a day rather than leaving an unlimited amount of food out for it to eat might be the better choice for weight control.

3. Get Your Cat to Be More Active

Another helpful tip for helping your cat lose weight is to encourage it to be more active. Many cats spend the majority of the day napping and lazing around. If you don't already have a cat tree for your cat to climb, consider investing in one. Playing actively with your cat, such as with a fishing pole-style cat toy, is another way to get it up and moving around. Also, try different types of cat toys to see what your cat prefers; if you bring home a toy that your cat really likes, it might start being more active than before.

As you can see, there are various ways that you can encourage your cat to lose weight and become more healthy. If you think that your cat is overweight, consider following these tips to help it get to a healthier weight. For more help, talk to a vet.