Questions Cat Owners May Have About Boarding Their Pet

Boarding a pet can be an essential task for those that will be traveling for several days or longer. For cat owners that have never boarded a pet, this can be an intimidating experience as it may be the first time that they are separated from their animal. If this is the situation you are currently facing, learning more about pet boarding should help you with feeling comfortable and confident about using these services.

Will Your Cat Get Social Interaction?

Many cat owners will feel concerned that their pet will be lonely while they are away. For those with extremely sociable cats, this can cause tremendous distress. Luckily, most cat boarding facilities will go to great lengths to ensure that your cat is receiving as much social interaction as it wants. This is done through play time with staffers from the facility, and extremely social cats may be allowed to mingle with other cats in a supervised setting. This will help to ensure that your cat's social needs are met while you are away.

What Happens If The Cat Has A Medical Emergency While Boarding?

It can be easy for a pet owner to imagine the worst possible scenarios while they are away from their animal. For those that are concerned about their pets experiencing significant medical issues, these facilities are prepared for these events. When you leave your cat with the facility, you will be asked to provide contact information for your cat's veterinarian. In the event of a medical emergency, this veterinarian will be contacted first. However, if they are unable to see your cat, the boarding facility will contact a local veterinarian clinic to provide care. While these centers will go to great lengths to ensure that your cat gets the care it needs, you will be required to pay for the veterinarian bill when you arrive to pick up your cat.

What Items Will You Need To Leave For Your Cat?

To help ease the stress of being separated from you, it is usually advisable for you to prepare a simple care package for your cat. This package should include a sampling of toys, bedding and food. The food may seem strange as the boarding facility will feed your cat, but mixing some of the cat's normal food with that provided by the boarding center will reduce the risk of gastrointestinal discomfort occurring due to a sudden diet change. If your cat is especially prone to separation anxiety, you should also leave a garment that smells like you as this can calm the cat by providing a familiar and comforting scent.