Two Tips For New Lizard Owners

Owning a pet can be a highly rewarding experience, but there are many people that may not be particularly attracted to the idea of owning dogs or cats. Whether this is due to personal taste or living somewhere that bans these animals, a pet lizard may be an excellent alternative. While these pets can be low maintenance, it is an unfortunate fact that new lizard owners may make some mistakes when caring for these animals. To avoid some common errors, you should use the following two tips.

Allow The Lizard Time To Adjust

It can be easy to want to show off your lizard or to spend hours watching it. However, you should be aware that the first few days in its new environment can be rather stressful for it. As a result, you should make sure to allow the lizard plenty of privacy to explore and adjust to the new surroundings. To help with this process, you should make sure to have something in the cage that the lizard can hide under. While you may want to be able to see your lizard, it is important for it to have a space that it can use to rest.

Use A Calendar To Create A Cleaning Schedule

Lizards may be low maintenance, but cleaning the terrarium is an unavoidable part of owning these animals. Unfortunately, many people can forget to clean the lizards environment on a regular basis, and this simple mistake can both lower your lizards quality of life and lead to potentially serious infections and other health complications.

To make sure you never accidentally miss a cleaning, you should make sure to always mark on a calendar the days that the habitat will need to be cleaned. Typically, this will need to be done at least once every couple of weeks, but the exact needs will vary based on the type of lizard that you own. While cleaning the terrarium can be a rather unpleasant task, failing to do this basic task can making your lizard's skin more likely to be covered with harmful bacteria, which can make handling your pet a far more dangerous task than necessary.

Caring for your pet lizard does not have to be a difficult or confusing task. If you have never owned a lizard, remembering these two tips should help you to avoid some mistakes that can lower the quality of life that your new pet will enjoy.